Our beginnings

Šumer d.o.o. is a family business with a long tradition of entrepreneurship and trade. The company started its activity in 1980 with the manufacture of springs.

The company now offers services in the field of mechanical and mechanical metal processing, thermoplastic injection moulding, ultrasonic cleaning of metals, ultrasonic welding of thermoplastics and metals, heat and surface treatment of metals, manufacture of springs and spring elements, and assembly of semi-finished products and products.

Since 1900, the family has been involved in the manufacture of brick products and trading. Ater 1960, also in transport.

Our strenghts


Market needs and trends have dictated the development of new products, such as not only springs but also sheet metal parts, metalworking, tooling, etc.

We manufacture plastic components in PP, POM, ABS, PS, TPE, PE-HD, PA+GF.

In the field of metal forming, we produce components in stainless steel, aluminium, iron, brass, copper and painted metals.

Thanks to our long-standing presence on the market, together with the offer of high-priced raw materials at the most favourable purchase and delivery conditions, we are able to provide the customer with a complete rounded supply, thus consolidating our strategic partnership with our customers.


Today, our products cover all areas of industry. The development, manufacturing, marketing and servicing of all our products are designed to meet the requirements of both foreign and domestic markets.

Our success in both foreign and domestic markets has been made possible by our insistence on achieving top quality in all aspects, both at the technical level of our products and in strengthening correct business relations with all our business partners and customers.

White Goods
Avtomotive industry

Environmental care

Environmental protection is an integral part of our business. Our employees are constantly working to ensure that our production and products do not pollute the environment.

We work hard to use energy rationally, manage waste responsibly and recycle it carefully.

We generate part of the electricity for our production ourselves using a solar power plant.

Research and development team

We plan, implement, verify and validate the tasks of the programme independently with our research and development team, which is registered in the register of research organisations with the Slovenian Research Agency under the code ARRS 2786.

The Group ensures the satisfaction of our customers through continuous improvements in the development of new products, new processes and new tools.

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