CNC machining

is a process of machining metal using a variety of processes, so that we can offer a high-quality service with a wide range of raw materials.

The machining department includes advanced CNC turning and milling centres, double table centres and grinding machines.

To understand what the acronym CNC stands for – it is derived from the English and stands for Computer Numerically Controlled.

Machine capabilities

Automatic feed: 3mm-65mm,

Piece filing: 65mm-300mm,

Machining of castings and forgings of all dimensions



Stainless steel

Non-ferrous metals

Other special materials

CNC machining

Hurco and Spinner milling centres supported by Fanuc, Heidenhain and Hurco controllers.

We mainly carry out 2.5 and 3d machining, mainly for metal press tooling needs. 

CNC machining

The company covers a wide range of industries with products, and as a result, we are successful in meeting the wishes of each customer.

Our machine park allows us to manufacture different products, as we can produce everything from simple post-machined parts to complex pieces that require several operations, which include milling, turning, eroding (wire and plunge), grinding with grinding machines, etc. 

strojna obdelava

Tool room

The Toolroom department is able to produce metal forming tools quickly, efficiently, to a high quality, and independently of the manufacturers.

In our own development and technology department, we produce all the necessary structural parts for the assembly of new machines and the repair of existing machines, which are essential for the smooth supply of products.

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