Development and construction

Development and construction are of high importance at Šumer.

We strive from the initial product development phase right through to the product validation phase.



At Šumer, development is divided into three types:

  • own product development
  • product development for a known customer
  • research development

Research and development group

Šumer d.o.o. has its own research and development group, which is registered in the register of research organisations with the Slovenian Research Agency under the code ARRS 2786.

RSA independently plans, implements, verifies and validates the tasks under the programme. The RSA is managed organisationally and cost separately from other development activities carried out within the company.

The success of RSA is reflected in increased company revenues, more educated employees, an advantage over competitors, higher added value of products, company growth and a higher profile for the company.


The Development and Technology department uses modern CAD-CAM software to develop products, tools, machines and other projects.

Development covers ideas and concepts for the development and design of products and tools.

Using simulation software packages and machining centres for prototyping tools, we achieve our goals quickly and efficiently.

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