More than 40 years of experience and the latest technologies guarantee the highest quality of our products. Customer satisfaction is only achieved through quality service, expected delivery times and competitive prices.


We pay particular attention to the introduction of international quality standards for our products. The quality of our products is confirmed by ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certifications, which are an indicator of our quality and a benchmark of our performance.

Our strenghts

Our strengths are our latest manufacturing processes, superior quality, on-time deliveries and reliable partnerships. We also care about the environment, having secured a part of our electricity in 2011 through the development of our own solar power plant.


Flexibility Our wide range of technologies offers us a comprehensive approach to product manufacturing, increasing flexibility and speed of production. This makes the customer's supply chain easier, as they get everything they need from us in one place.

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22 years
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To develop and produce components and solutions using complementary knowledge from different technological competences: injection moulding and plastic injection moulding, stamping, deep drawing, machining and heat treatment, laser cutting, CNC bending and assembling semi-finished and finished product.


To become a major European and global supplier of plastic and metal components and products to various industries. We consolidate our leading position in the domestic market and expand our position in the foreign market. We build our success stories and customer satisfaction on long-term trust, transparency, flexibility and responsiveness.


Values The guiding principles that help us to meet expectations and satisfy our partners are trust, transparency, flexibility, responsiveness and advice at every step of the process, from development to series production. Each new project offers us the opportunity for personal and corporate development.

We offer our customers a comprehensive service.

From the development of new products, conceptual solutions to the implementation of small or large production runs and the assembly of the entire product. With an optimised process we offer quality products at competitive prices.

All products are made to high standards, which we control in our own laboratory.


You can also stop by our industrial shop with a wide selection of retail and wholesale items.

We offer products from our production range and a variety of materials: wire, sheet metal, rods, straps, springs, agricultural products.

We are located at the company’s headquarters at Cesta v Celje 2, 3202 Ljubečna, entrance at the reception.

You are welcome to stop us from 
Monday to Friday: 7 am – 7 pm
Saturday: 7 am – 12 noon.

Tel: +386 3 780 6210 E-mail: info@sumer.si


White Goods

We manufacture a variety of products and semi-finished products with the possibility of injection moulding of plastics and metal-plastics, welding of plastics and resistance welding of contacts, bending of metal elements and manufacture of springs, stamped and turned elements.

We manufacture various parts such whisks and electric motors for stick and hand mixers, containers and covers for food processors, blades, plastic containers and handles for refrigerators, legs and doors for tumble dryers and washing machines, and stamped parts.

The material is chosen according to the customer's requirements (inox, brushed inox, aluminium, brushed aluminium, iron, PP, POM, ABS, PC, PS, high quality SEBS).


Plastic and metal-plastic injection moulding, welding of plastics and electrical contacts by resistance welding (copper-silver or copper-tin combination), manufacture of mechanical components (springs, magnetic coils, actuators, connectors and tension clamps), sheet metal forming, assembly and testing.

We manufacture plastic and metal-plastic components for leading suppliers of electrical devices and metering systems (voltage terminals, light conductors, bases and covers for digital meters).

We can boast the production of a new generation of industrial meter, complete with flux tubes, metal clips and screws, using automatic assembly lines. The injection moulded plastic parts can be assembled into various blanks and products (keys, windows, contacts) as required.

Avtomotive industry

The high standards in the automotive industry are a testament to the quality and performance of our company. As the largest Slovenian manufacturer of springs and spring elements and one of Europe's leading manufacturers, we also cover the entire spectrum of wire harness production in the areas of car seats, chassis and vehicle bodywork.

We develop production processes for sheet metal products and semi-finished products. We produce stamped metal seat frames and parts, front seat levers, lifting mechanism components, seat wire frames and other car seat components.

The development and production of car seat frames offers functionally, ergonomically and stylistically diverse solutions to meet the needs and requirements of our customers.

Furniture industry

Furniture industry We offer a variety of parts and components for furniture, such as hinges, fittings, clamps and fasteners. The materials used in our processes are steel, copper, brass or others used as parts of automotive systems and components.

Medicinal industry

In the medical industry, we can manufacture a wide variety of components for medical devices, device casings, circuit boards and other items. We can manufacture both large and small batches of products.

We have many years of experience in the production of complex products such as medical devices. As a manufacturer of quality components, we are active in the automotive market, where standards and expectations are rising day by day. We offer platinum and titanium material.

Agricultural machinery

We manufacture our own agricultural equipment, especially spare parts and accessories for agriculture. We sell our finished products to agricultural cooperatives and in our own shop.

We offer splitters, choppers, springs and spring elements, turning systems, turning legs, spare systems for loaders, snow ploughs and all kinds of wires for fruit and wine growing.


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