Assembly of elements

We enable the customer to assemble all the required elements quickly and to the highest quality. The product of assembly can be semi-finished or finished products, which can be already packaged and ready for sale in the shop.

When assembling the elements, we use various assembly processes. We can also use technologies such as plastic welding, metal welding, riveting, pressing, gluing, painting, etc., as required.


Examples of composite elements

  • Vertical connectors

  • DC motors of all sizes

  • contacts

  • magnetic actuators

  • hinges

  • jump fuses

  • current fuses

  • hay tedders

  • other products

Installation of elements

Assembly can be carried out manually at the customer’s request – small and prototype batches or fully automated using dedicated assembly lines. If necessary, with the support of different types of robots and robotic technology.

Robotic processes and precision tooling enable the customer to assemble all possible components quickly and to the highest quality.

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