What is laser sheet metal cutting

When it comes to laser cutting of sheet metal, we are talking about 2D laser cutting. This involves cutting using heat beams generated by a laser/resonator. The heat causes the metal to melt and consequently to cut.

 Whereas sheet metal cutting used to be considered a very time-consuming process, this is no longer the case with the use of lasers.

laserski razrez-pločevine

The main advantages of laser sheet metal cutting

The advantages are mainly high precision and cutting speed. It focuses on a very small point, so the tolerance in laser cutting is also very small.

Types of sheet metal

Laser cutting of sheet metal is carried out on different types of sheet metal. These are:

– steel up to 20 mm,

– stainless steel up to 10 mm,

– aluminium up to 8 mm,

– brass up to 5 mm,

– copper up to 5 mm.

Laser cutting machines

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