The metalworking process

Injection moulding of plastic onto metal products is a process in which a metal part is inserted into a seat in a mould. When the tool is closed, the plastic fills the mould around the inserted part.

This method of plastic injection moulding is an effective alternative to conventional assembly of parts using force or adhesives, and at the same time allows the assembly to be extremely strong.

We can produce both large and small batches.



The metal-plastics department consists of circular tables.

kovinoplastika metlice

Where our metal plastic products are installed

Automotive segment

Fasteners for cooling and heating systems, interior…


Power tools 

handles for hand-held electrical appliances, housing parts with reinforcements…


White goods

clutches for small household appliances, appliance support legs, various attachments for household appliances (whisks, kneaders, chopper knives, scraper)


Agricultural industry

guides for turning systems…

Obračalni sistem