Metal welding process

With the latest manual and robotic welding technology, we offer our customers welding of aluminium, steel, stainless steel, titanium and other types of materials, as well as silver brazing on copper contacts.

Metal welding processes


We test welded joints using a variety of appropriate methods to ensure quality and strength.

(tear tests, metallurgical tests, visual inspection of welds)

Manual welding

Hand welding is particularly suitable for small batches where there is a need for specificity and uniqueness.

Automated welding

The automated form of welding is suitable for large batches. It is mainly used in resistance and laser welding.

Laser welding

The fibre laser with a maximum rated power of 300 W can be used in a wide range of applications – from electronic, household to medical and even automotive components.

It is also useful for spot welding of highly reflective materials (Cu, Al, Au) where a high energy level is required.

varjenje lasersko

Robot welding

Robotic welding allows us to achieve high reproducibility of weld quality and product dimensions, reducing the need for any additional weld machining. Robotic welding is mainly carried out using the MIG/MAG process.

Panasonic robots are used for robotic welding.