Plastic injection moulding process

Plastic injection molding is the process of heating plastic granules (plastic granules) to melting point and then pressurizing the molten plastic into a tool (mold). This produces the desired shape of the plastic product.


We can produce both large and small batches.

2k injection molding

We also perform 2k injection moulding with various processes:

multiple moulds for one product, injection moulding with two injection moulding units and injection moulding with an external injection moulding unit.



The Plastics Department is equipped with modern injection moulding machines to reliably meet customer requirements.

The department is equipped with a central plastic dosing system, appropriate drying and mixing units and a central cooling system.

Automotive segment

Fasteners for cooling and heating systems, interior, hoses, elbows, connectors for cooling/heating elements, valves, etc.


Power tools

Electric meter housings and bases, fuse housings, light housings, LCD windows…


White goods

Housings for household appliances, parts for refrigerator-freezers, connection parts for household appliances


Agricultural industry

plastic bearings …

Obračalni sistem

Plastic injection moulding is also carried out on metal elements.

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