Plastic welding process

The plastic welding process involves heating the surfaces of plastic parts to a temperature where they start to melt, using specific processes. The two surfaces are then pressed together, causing the plastics to stick together.


We test welded joints using a variety of appropriate methods to ensure quality and strength:

Tear tests, metallurgical tests, visual inspection of welds and others.

Plastic welding procedures

Ultrasonic welding of plastics

The ultrasonic welding process is carried out using sonotrodes, which are made according to the shape of the product and its welding edge. In addition, we also produce the support for the weldments (if necessary, they can also be shaped).

Weld strength testing and weld inspection are carried out on the weldments.

Examples of plastic welding products

Automotive segment

Fasteners for cooling and heating systems, interior, hoses, elbows, connectors for cooling/heating elements, valves, etc.


Power tools

Electric meter housings and bases, fuse housings, light housings, LCD windows…


White goods

Housings for household appliances, parts for refrigerator/freezer appliances, parts for household appliance connectors…


Agricultural industry

plastic bearings…

Obračalni sistem

In addition to welding techniques for plastic components, we also offer injection moulding of thermoplastic materials.

In the field of metals, we also carry out metal welding techniques.

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