What is sheet metal stamping

The technique of sheet metal stamping is used to form and reshape sheet metal using powerful high tonnage presses. 


Types of stamping

There are bending, forming, tapering, straightening and wrapping types of stamping.

After the punching technique, there is always the sheet cutting technique.


We can produce your stamped parts from a wide range of raw materials:

– stainless steel,

– aluminium,

– steel,

– non-ferrous metals

Opcije orodij

  • Posamična orodja
  • Progresivna orodja
  • Transfer orodja

Stamping machines

In the stamping department we have high quality eccentric and hydraulic presses. There are 35 presses in total.

Eccentric presses: pressing power (10 t – 500 t)

Hydraulic presses: pressing power (25 t – 150 t)

– Table length from 300 mm to 2850 mm

– Table width from 240 mm to 1400 mm

Where our stamped products are installed

Automotive segment

Engines and gensets, LED lights, radiators and decorative parts for headlamps…


Power tools

battery-powered drilling tools, battery-powered angle grinders, electric cutters, robotic lawnmowers…


White goods

mixers, grinders, slicers, coffee machines…

kavni avtomat

Electrical industry


Printed circuit boards, fuses, switches, meter mechanisms…


For prototype or small batches, stamping tools can be replaced by other in-house technology, such as a combination of laser sheet metal cutting and CNC sheet metal bending.