Our company has a tradition of more than 30 years in the manufacture of springs. During this long period we have acquired invaluable knowledge and experience that position us at the very top of the range of spring suppliers.

Machine park

We manufacture springs on modern CNC machines that monitor product quality in real time using electronic sensors.

izdelava torzijskih vzmeti

Dimensions are available in the range 0,05 mm – 25 mm.



Examples of torsion springs incorporated in the finished product

Automotive interior handle

krtačke elektro motorja

car handle

ročka za avtomobil


  • Patented spring wire SH, DH,
  • galvanised spring wire SH, DH,
  • spring steel for refinement,
  • oil-treated alloy spring steels for high dynamic loads (VD SiCr, VD CrV, FD SiCr),
  • stainless spring steels (X12CrNi177),
    non-spring drawn steel wire of all grades

Surface protection

We offer the following types of element protection:

pre-protected wire (Zn, AlZn, Cu,…), phosphating, electroplating, KTL paint, powder coating, heavy protection Zink flake coating (dacromet, doerken…)

Spring types

We manufacture all types of springs and spring elements to the most stringent standards of the various industries.

Compression springs

Leafed springs

Tension springs

Curved elements

Tradition in quality

More than 40 years of experience and ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certifications are the basis for providing the highest quality service.