What is turning

Turning is a metal cutting process in which the workpiece is rotated and a sharp cutting tool travels along or across the workpiece, cutting the material in the process.

izdelki struženja

Types of turning

Turning is carried out on CNC single-spindle lathes, CNC twin-spindle lathes with added driven tools and material feeders, long-spindle machines and turret lathes.


We can produce your turned parts from a wide range of raw materials:

– Steel,

– stainless steel,

– non-ferrous metals

– plastics

Turning machines

The machining department includes advanced CNC turning and milling centres, double table centres and grinding machines.

Where our turned products are installed

Automotive segment

Automotive chassis, door openers, engines and gensets, etc.


Power tools

axles and shafts of electric motors…


White goods

Blenders, grinders, slicers, coffee machines…


Agricultural industry

lawnmowers, garden tractors, turning systems…

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