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Our technologically advanced production covers a wide range of industries and fields: kitchen appliances, electronics industry, automotive industry, construction industry, health care, military industry, aerospace industry, sports industry, agricultural machinery and other.

Our production includes all kinds of metal and plastic components.

We can help you along all the steps of your project – from idea, development and manufacturing, to the assembly of the complete product.
Šumer d.o.o.
Whitegoods elements 39%
Automotive industry 34%
Electronics industry 19%
Agricultural machinery 5%
Other 3%

We cooperate with giants of the automotive industry. That proves our excellence as the automotive industry only requires the highest quality and expertise.

We provide our own development of elements and process indirect customers : VW, Audi, BMW, Peugeot, Ford, Saab, Opel, Porsche, Mercedes Benz.

We offer:
-metal parts (turned parts, stamped parts, welded parts, spring parts, seat frames, the bonet holder,…)
-plastic parts (engine hoses and pipes, seat frame parts, car interior plastic parts,…) and
-metal-plastic parts.

We produce semi-products and products of household appliances for world renowned clients.

We manufacture plastic components and products, stamping parts and metal-plastic parts.

We produce electronic devices and components for the leading providers of electrical devices and systems for measuring, registration and billing of electricity.

We offer:
-welding of electro contacts, resistance welding (a combination of cooper-silver or cooper-tin), the manufacture of magnetic coils, triggering generating mechanisms and terminals,
-plastic components (production of bases and covers of digital counters, production of a new generation of industrial counter complete with CTs, metal staples, screws (by using automatic assembling lines), making of small built-in semi-parts, transparent caps, inclusive/exclusive mechanisms and buttons.

We manufacture parts and products for agricultural machinery.

They include: splitter, chipper, springs and spring elements,…

In addition to the exposured industry fields we cover also the fields of construction, medicine, military industry, aviation industry, sports and more.

In addition to manufacturing a product or semi-product according to client’s wishes and requirements, we can also offer in-house development of a new product.

In addition to the products and semi-products, which are manufactured for well-known global and domestic companies, we also manufacture our own products.

Cooling device hinge

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