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We manufacture all types of springs and spring elements according to the highest standards in this industry. Dimensions are available in the range from 0.05 mm to 25 mm. They can be cylindrical, conical, barrel or special forms. We also offer thermal and surface treatments and coatings.

Standard types of springs:
compression springs
• tension springs
• torsion springs
• double torsion springs
• leaf springs
• curved elements
• round
• flat
• ellipse
• rectangular
• other

• patented spring wire, SH, DH, SL, SM, EN 10270-1
• galvanized spring wire, SH, DH, SL, SM, EN 10270-1
• tempering spring steel (Ck60, Ck67, Ck75) EN 10132
• oil tempered spring steel alloy for high dynamic loads
(SiCr VD, VD CRV, FD SiCr) 10270-2
• stainless steel spring (X12CrNi177) EN 10270-3
• drawn steel wire unsuspended all the qualities

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