Reformation day

In 1550, Primož Trubar wrote a book called Katekizem and Abecednik. The two books were the first to be written in Slovenian language. Why were they so important? At that time, the Slovene lands were inhabited mainly by the illiterate population. Trubar offered the solution with writing the Abecednik, which started with the alphabet and some syllables. The books were first published in Gothic writing, 5 years later in Latin, the font we use today. On the October 31 we celebrate the role that our mother language plays in the existence and awareness of Slovenian national identity. We are aware that our society is becoming more culturally diverse. We have decided to organize additional activities for successful integration into our cultural and work environment for all employees originating from foreign countries . By organising internal mentoship and  enabling participating in Slovene language courses, they have the opportunity to learn about Slovenian history, culture and constitutional order and to be trained in basic functional skills.

May the day of the Reformation be important to us all.