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From Idea to Reality
We can help you along all the steps of your project – from idea, development and manufacturing, to the assembly of the complete product.
Šumer d.o.o.

The company Šumer d.o.o. has its own Development-research Team (RSA) and is entered in the register of research organizations at the Slovenian Research Agency (SRA) under code 2786. RSA independently plans, implements, verifies and validates tasks according to the program. Research and development activities within the research groups are separated from other development activities carried out in the Šumer company in terms of organisation and costs.
The success of the RSA is refl ected in the company’s higher income, higher profi ts, better skilled employees, the company’s advantage over the competition, establishment of new fundamental
capabilities, company’s added value, company’s growth, validity of the company’s name and employment increase.

The development and technology department applies modern CAD-CAM software and closely works with customers. The department helps develop products, tools, machinery and other project needs and cuts costs to the minimum. The development includes all the ideas and concepts used to design and model the products as well as the implementation, the validation and the approval of the project.
By means of the simulation software and machining centers for the construction of prototype tools we reach our objectives quickly and efficiently.

In the tool making facility we produce tools for metal forming and plastic moulding quickly, efficiently and independently of subcontractors. Together with our development department we produce all the structural components necessary for the construction of new machines and are able to repair all the machines that are essential for the smooth supply of customer’s products. Our tool making facility produces high quality tools and includes milling centers, CNC controlled turning centers, EDM, wire EDM, grinding machines
and others.

The machining department includes advanced CNC lathes, CNC milling and grinding machines.

Machine capacity:
• automatic feed: 3 mm to 65mm
• piece investment: 65 mm to 300 mm
• processing castings and forgings of all sizes
• steel
• stainless steel
• non-ferrous metals
• other special materials

The department of metal transformation has pressing machines with the capacity from 5 to 500 tons and can manufacture products
following the punched and deep drawing method. To achieve the best possible results, our engineering team applies their extensive experiences and the latest technology to simulate processes.
• steel
• stainless steel
• non-ferrous metals
• other special materials

Needs and trends on market has dictated devemopment of new products (metal products, metal-plastic products, toolmaking, parts for domestic appliances, agricultural machinery and autotomobile industry). Nowadays our products cover all areas of industry from develompent, production,… to marketing and servicing.
Our success on both, the domestic and foreign markets, has confi rmed that our efforts for top quality products and services are worth while. The key to the success are the high-quality and technically perfected products as well as the maintenance of good business relationships with all our business partners and customers.

By means of the latest technology of robotic and manual welding, our customers have a wide selection of welding at hand – welding of aluminum, stainless and black steel, plastic welding, silver welding, welding of titanium and welding of other materials.
Welds are tested through various appropriate methods (puling tests, metallurgical tests, visual inspection of welds) to provide high quality and strong welds.

Metal welding processes:
• resistance welding
• ultrasonic welding

Plastic welding processes:
• ultrasonic welding
• rotary
• thermo-welding

We provide the following services: hardening, carbonitriding, annealing, tempering, quenching, aging, normalizing and stress relieving. This department also comprises the washer line which removes the excessive and unwanted materials from items. Capacity of flow furnace is from 50 to 150 kg/h. To ensure adequate heat treatment we systematically monitor all the processes, execute stress tests and surface hardness tests in our own measurement laboratory, which enables us to be best prepared for the possible outcomes.

We also offer metal shooting, intensive ultrasonic washing, sanding, deburring, polishing and other finishing operations.

Examples of installation:
• hand blender foot,
• DC motors of all sizes,
• contacts,
• magnetic activator,
• hinges,
• accessories for mixing and mashing,
• accessories for spinning and cutting,
• multi-wire mixer kit,
• other products.
With the help of robotic processes and precise tools we are able to provide our customers fast and high quality assembly of all possible elements. In installing process we use welding, riveting, pressing and simple component installation.

The department for quality is responsible for the quality management that ensures the production and the products meet the requirements of the ISO 9001 standards.

Our laboratory offers the following tests:
• breakout tests of the physical properties
• measurements of the hardness of metal surfaces
(Rockwell, Vickers, microvickers) and plastics (Schor)
• measurements of the roughness
• measurements of the thickness of the coating
• extensive measurements with 3D measuring machine
• measurements of optical measurement systems
• clamp measurements with projectors and microscopes
• metallurgy tests
• sustainable tests

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