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Šumer d.o.o. – fusion of knowledge and experience

Cutting-edge technology, quality, reliability, flexibility, knowledge and experience are the key sucess.


Development, technology and construction, toolmaking, production, heat and surface treatment, assembly, and quality control.


Kitchen appliances, electronics industry, automotive industry, construction industry, health care, military industry, aerospace industry, sports industry, agricultural machinery and other.

Care for environment

Our geographical location enabled us to build an efficient solar power plant and integrate solar panels on the roof of the production facilities, thus minimizing the burden on the environment even more.


Own Development-research Team in register of research organizations at the Slovenian Research Agency under code 2786.

Why choose us?


Customer satisfaction, top quality, accurate delivery and constant improvements are the most important points of our business. With the latest manufacturing process, in-house developments and our willingness to enter partnerships, we are always ready for new challendes.

Long tradition

Long time experience and the latest technology in the field of springs and other products provide the highest quality of our products. We are aware that customer satisfaction can only be achieved with quality service, fast delivery times and competitive prices.


The company continuously devotes close attention to the introduction of international quality standards for products. Since 1997 the quality of our products is certified according to ISO 9001 standard.

Last news


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Cross border cooperation

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