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Šumer d.o.o.


Company Šumer d.o.o.
Soulutions on the field of plastic injection molding and metal transformation

Šumer d.o.o is a multigenerational family company with long tradition of enterpreneurship and trade. The current sector has started around 1980 with the manufacture of springs.
Based on needs and development of technological processes, the company has developed into a systematic supplier and thereby gained new experience in the field of metal and plastic products.
Nowadays our products cover all fields of industry. We can help you along all the steps of your project – from idea, development and manufacturing, to the assembly of the complete product. To ensure the goals, we have established a development team that is responsible for the satisfaction of our customers with continuous improvements in the development of new products, new processes and tools.
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Company and branches

Šumer d.o.o.

Ljubečna, Slovenia

Branch 1

Lendava, Slovenia

Branch 2

Adeševci, Srbija

Branch 3

Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia


Middle Europe 40%
South Europe 35%
North Europe 10%
Other 15%

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