At Šumer Ltd, we guarantee the highest quality products. This is achieved through continuous monitoring and numerous tests and measurements.

The quality system is based on three levels of service:

  • quality Management
  • quality technology
  • quality control

Tests performed in the laboratory:

  • Tear tests to test the mechanical properties of materials,

  • measuring the hardness of products,

  • measuring the depth of heat treatment,

  • measurement of surface roughness,

  • measurement of the thickness of surface protection,

  • Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) measurements,

  • measurements with optical measuring systems (vision-electronic vision),

  • measurements with profile projectors and microscopes,

  • measurements of the chemical composition of materials (XRF spectrometer),

  • salt chamber test,

  • sustainability tests tailored to customer needs (dedicated devices),

  • measurements with hand-held measuring equipment (calipers, micrometers, clocks, altimeters, depth gauges, protractors, pulleys and needles)

Quality certificates

Customer satisfaction and the related compliance with targets are the first priority of our company. We are aware of our responsibilities and therefore our actions are in line with these expectations.

With established inbound and outbound quality control and various stringent control measures, we successfully ensure the smooth production and delivery of products and semi-finished goods.

The Quality Department implements and enforces production management according to ISO 9001 and IATF 16949.

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